Brennon Thomas

Infosec / Automator / Builder / Creator

Hello! I'm Brennon and my passion is improving cyber and information security through automation and coding. These days, I find building more rewarding than breaking and love the creation of new tools, frameworks, and processes and excel at distilling strategic high-level problem sets into tactical and operational solutions that are sustainable and secure.

I've been in the information security field for 16 years doing everything from computer network exploitation, hunt, research/development, vulnerability analysis, and computer network operations.

Opsdisk LLC is used for my various side projects. If you're a startup, established company, or have an interesting product or idea I may be able to help or consult with, feel free to reach out via Email, Twitter, or LinkedIn


  • PhishBarrel - My magnum opus, PhishBarrel is a security-focused API for your organization's inbound email, enabling your Incident Response team and network defenders to identify, search, and remediate phishing emails faster. PhishBarrel was acquired by Arctic Wolf.
  • The Cyber Plumber's Handbook and Interactive Lab - The definitive guide to SSH tunneling, port redirection, and bending traffic like a boss. The book is free and the interactive lab access can be purchased here.
  • Scantron A distributed nmap / masscan scanning framework complete with scan scheduling, engine pooling, subsequent scan port diff-ing, and an API client for automation workflows.
  • pagodo Automate Google Hacking Database scraping and searching using Google "dorks".
  • yagooglesearch Yet another googlesearch - A Python library for executing intelligent, realistic-looking, and tunable Google searches.
  • pygumroad A Python API client for interacting with the Gumroad API. I use this extensively to automate my Cyber Plumber's Handbook workflows.
  • pyndiff Generate human-readable Nmap ndiff output when comparing 2 Nmap XML scan files.

Code Repositories

I publish code under two GitHub users, one for personal projects and the other for software developed while working at Rackspace Technology.


My blog can be found at here

Presentations / Publications


  • Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect

Contact Info

Feel free to reach out through any of the channels below.

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